Company Profile

Company Profile

Our company, as a family bussiness, has been providing services to various sector for a considerable period of time by using solid form surface cutting, forming, machining, plastering and rubber production techniques.

We decided to concentrate our extensive experience and knowledge passed on from generation to generation on agriculture sector by blending technology with the use of machinery.

Our adventure that starts in 1982 with a 15m2 power lathe area, takes another form in 2002 with a new area of 1000m2.

In 2008, we redirected our capacity of production from domestic consumption to foreign market to meet the demands of changing and evolving foreign market.

Today, we export to seven continents, 64 different countries and provide cost effective solutions with high quality agricultural irrigation systems and products.


DripPro™ is one of the fastest growing and most innovatitive company in Turkish market. We solve the whole process of manufacturing under the facilities of our own group unlike irrigation system suppliers.

As a group we produce our own designs of 3d models, molds, plastic and metal parts using our own injection presses, enabling us to offer best prices available in the market. We offer a comprehensive line of equipment and technologies including but not limited to raining sprinklers, drip irrigation,valves, pipe fittings, pressure pipes and pipe fittings parts that farmers may need often.

Our Prices

Our product pricing are in USD currency however, on demand we present pricing in other currencies based on usd rates. As a company policy we usally establish our pricing at the beggining of a new year(price adjustment may rarely occur in the course of a year) and, %18 VAT (value added tax) is not included in our pricing.

Our prices presenting you our offer for the quantity, based on quantity tier, which means more quantity you buy less price you get per piece of ordered aftermarket auto parts.

Payment Options

Payment options vary on the volume as indicated below :

  • Credit Card on volumes of purchases up to 1000 USD.

  • SWIFT, International Wire Transfer on medium volume of purchases 1000 USD ⟶ 10.000 USD

  • LC, Letter of Credit for high volume of purchases 10.000 USD ⟶ 100.000 USD


Location of Türkiye with a closer distance to Europe and Asia gives us a strategic advantage on faster delivery rather than far east competitors.Our mass production and stocks ensure delivery at the shortest notice.Our delivery period has not exeeded 3 days after the payment with our exisisting clients.

Packaging for delivery is arranged according to customer’s demand (in cargo boxes or pallets). Once product are packed and ready to be transported, you will be notified of total weight of the cargo, a parcel tracking number and shipping costs offered us by our contracted cargo companies. We understand the value of our customers, therefore shipment cost of any purchase over 100 USD will not be charged and will be shipped free of freight cost.

Offical procedures (custom declaration, taking policy of goods and other documents) are applied by our personnels and technical staff with our extensive experience in the sector.


As DripPro, we support our product by insuring you aqainst wrong / missing items and such items will be renewed within one month period (we do not demand the wrong item shipped back to us, saving time and shipping cost).

Product Support

We share our extensive experience with our customers on demand, with instructions of how to install the item and high quality images of the product.